This year two KEYS training will be organized within the Erasmus+ project.
From 6-9 March and from 12-16 June 2024 the trainings of KEYS will take place:
Knowlegde Exchange of Earth Charter initiatives for Youth empowerment and Sustainability.
Participants from Portugal, the Netherlands and from Germany will join together in an inspiring training to indulge themselves in all the principles of the Earth Charter. With this knowledge, they can pave the way and spread the word in their own communities.
Youth workers and educators will extend their knowledge and competences through direct learning of various innovative and best practice concepts in the fields of education for sustainable development (ESD).
This training will contribute to more co-responsibility and sustainability in everyday private and political life and in intercultural and interreligious coexistence. It will deepen the understanding of different living conditions, different perspectives and global contexts as well as strengthening intercultural competence, communication and cooperation skills, empathy, ways of conflict resolution and international cooperation based on partnership.