Worldconnectors, affiliate Earth Charter

The Worldconnectors, affiliate of the Earth Charter, is a dynamic think tank that unites the societal values of its members and brings about real change. Together, they collaborate on innovative initiatives that make the world a better place and accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The coalition of engaged connectors brings together professionals from diverse sectors, generations, and disciplines to address complex sustainability and societal issues. From policymakers, entrepreneurs, and scientists to representatives of NGOs and media, they all connect from their professional roles to effect positive societal change.

The vision and work of the Worldconnectors are based on the Millennium Declaration and the Earth Charter. They strive for a sustainable and just society, where respect for nature, human rights, economic justice, and peace are central. Their goal is to inspire and motivate individuals, organizations, businesses, and governments to integrate the principles of the Earth Charter into their policies and daily practices.

By forming partnerships and organizing engaging activities such as Roundtables, Case Clinics, Dialogue on Tuesdays, and Meet & Greets, Worldconnectors contributes to the transition toward a sustainable and just future for everyone.



The Portuguese Association of Environmental Education (ASPEA) is a Portuguese Environmental Non-Governmental Organization, founded in 1990, with 6 regional delegations (Lisboa, Aveiro, Viseu, Bragança, Braga and Açores), acting in the field of Environmental Education through education, organization of events, consulting and promotion of national and international projects

ASPEA has more than 30 years of experience in the fields of educating, campaigning and raising awareness for environmental issues, aiming its activities at all publics, educating children, youth and adults, from all provenances and occupations striving to form professionals, advocates and elucidated citizens on the concerns pertaining to all environmental problematics and challenges.
For the last three decades, ASPEA has been taking part in international and European projects for the development of resources for environmental education within all dimensions of sustainability.
It is, since 1992, the Portuguese branch of the Foundation CEI – Caretakers of the Environment International being also an Affiliate Institution for the Earth Charter since 2005.
In the wake of work developed since 2015, the Council of Ministers of the Portuguese Speaking Countries and Communities (CPLP) has appointed ASPEA as its advisory observer taking thus part in the coordination of the Environmental Education Council of this body.
At European level, ASPEA is the permanent representative of ‘Let’s take care of the Planet’ initiative. Nationwide ASPEA participates in working committees both in the ministry of education and ministry of environment.
Additionally, and to operationalize its mission, ASPEA is co-author of the National Referential for Environmental Education in Portugal, in effect since 2018, where specific provisions in regards to education and capacity-building in respect to environment policies are laid out.
ASPEA is the organizer of the annual Pedagogical Journey of Environmental Education in Portugal, an event that takes place every year in different cities of Portugal, as well as the coordinator for the Environmental Education Congress in the CPLP that takes place in a different country within the CPLP every two years.
On a local level, ASPEA, together with municipalities and other local territories, elaborates bespoke environmental education strategies, subsequently assisting and supporting their implementation.

In the KEYS Project we are preparing two training courses on the Earth Charter. The first training will be organized by the Portuguese Association of Environmental Education (ASPEA) and it will take place on Casa Velha Association – Ecology and Spirituality, a Non-Governmental Organization for Development (NGDO) in Portugal. This course is scheduled to occur on the 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th of March 2024 and will be attended by educators who work on the Earth Charter with young people. In this context, the training is being designed to provide a unique immersive experience of sharing and learning about the Earth Charter.

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The Ökumenische Initiative Eine Welt e.V. (ÖIEW)

The Ökumenische Initiative Eine Welt e.V. (ÖIEW) is a non-profit organization based in Wethen registered since 1976. It emerged as a learning movement for sustainable lifestyles, which examines the connections between the unsustainable lifestyle in the “North” and problems in the world and aims to reduce the latter politically and through personal action. The ÖIEW stands for justice within the generation living now and between the present and future generations.
Since 2001, the ÖIEW is the official German coordination office of the international Earth Charter (EC) initiative. The ÖIEW
coordinates EC educational activities and networks, organizes conferences, offers seminars and lectures, trains multiplicators, publishes materials and introduces the EC as an ethical framework for sustainable development in organizations. The aim of our educational work is to point out the complex structures of global sustainability challenges and the interdependence of actors and their interests comprehensible.