A little exercise from our Portugal training

The idea of the little game was to create a dynamic system that will (hopefully) reach a point of equilibrium after a while.

1) Choose a part of our Earth ecosystem that you want to represent (sun, human, juguar, tree, sunflower, etc).
2) Write it down on a piece of paper
3) Stand in a circle and hold up your paper so that everyone can see it.
4) Have each person read their part so that everyone knows who is what.
5) Have everyone choose 2 other parts they feel drawn to (e.g. the sun might feel drawn to the earth and the sunflower).
6) Now the fun begins: everyone has to stand at the same distance from the two parts they chose before. (i.e. the sun has to be equidistant from the earth and the sunflower)
7) Everyone starts to move – go on until you reach equilibrium and no one moves (or you run out of time).
8) Start a discussion to reflect on the experience (hints: small movements can create a lot of chaos; your movement can lead to movements far down the line that you did not expect; maybe someone was the “center piece” and someone was the outstanding piece at the distance?

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