Action of Project NEEDS in Portugal during 2021 ASPEA congress

Saturday, 19 June 2021, during the ASPEA Congress in Castelo de Vide ( XXVII Jornadas Pedagogicas da ASPEA), Nuno Vasconcelos; Olga Santos and Teresa Torres de Eça conducted a workshop about the Project Needs and Earth Charter. Teresa explained the objectives of the project, introducing the Earth Charter movement with an ice- breaking exercise with excerpts of the declaration. Olga presented the version for children of the Earth Charter, published in Portuguese ( Brazil) and informed about her project to publish a version in Portuguese from Portugal in multimedia formats for people with different capacities (Braille document; audio file and a sensory book) . Nuno, facilitated a reflection about the materials used in construction; a critical look at the materials of the houses and the cities. He mentioned traditional earth architecture and the need to be aware of the construction materials surrounding us. After he invited everyone to make an earth block using the traditional rammed earth technique from South of Portugal called ‘ Taipa’. The eight participants, educators; science teachers and mediators said the workshop was a good way to learn about the Earth Charter principles, they could replicate with other learners, and they were very interested in participating in further activities of the project Needs in Portugal.

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