A vision of shared hope and a call to action!

Warburg-Germete, Germany, 05-07 November 2021

NEEDS multiplicators meeting and training

Awareness was the word that kept echoing in our minds as a seed that will germinate, sprout and keep on growing. With participants from seven European countries (Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Romania, Sweden and Germany), a three-day meeting was organized in Germete, Germany, around the subject of the “Earth Charter”.

An inspiring document, born from reflection and consultation of people from different cultures, countries, religions… a diversity that is part of a whole, as in this meeting, which brought together European partners of different ages, areas of study, knowledge, and professional interests, together in a common goal: to form a global alliance to take care of the Earth as well as care for each other so that the diversity of life is protected.

In this training focused on the Earth Charter: Sustainable development education and global learning, coordinated by the German association Ökumenische Initiative Eine Welt (ÖIEW) and presented by Denis Kupsch, Isabelle Roosen, Torben Flörkemeier and Moritz Schilk, moments of reflection, sharing and dialogue between all participants were created.

Denis and Bella welcomed us according to their beliefs and took us to the “sensory” garden, an outdoor space surrounding the “Haus Germete” building, where the meeting took place.

Torben organized exercises of awareness about what we feel as individual beings and in interaction with those around us, both in an individual space or a common one. Therefore, the Earth Charter was addressed by the participants, in groups of two or a few more persons, with a subsequent presentation and reflection. In that way the opportunity was created to know the participants and the work they have done to implement the Earth Charter.

The four major topics that cover sixteen principles were the basis of the work to identify the theme that is closest to us, from thought to action, as well as what one can do in our daily lives, with whom we share these principles, what we feel in doing so and how to implement and disseminate it in our community. All these feelings experienced as a link to the common good.

Claudia and Alexandra , from the Portuguese team, gave examples of work done in high by school students: illustrative posters made by eighth-year students in the school subject ‘visual education’, based on the reading of the Earth Charter; and a mural painted in a school by a class of ninth year of schooling after the study of the problem of forest fires, an interdisciplinary project coordinated by the visual arts teachers.

Moritz interacted with the group with drama exercises. The theme of “social justice” was the motto to continue the participation of all the elements present, which created a scenario shared and felt intensely by all.

In conclusion, It was a vision of shared hope and a call to action!

Claudia Ormonde and Alexandra Seabra, From Portugal

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